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Month: September, 2011

Bram Stoker Festival

Hello Pop Pickers!

Gravenhurst at the 2011 Bram Stoker International Film Festival, Whitby, England

I was rather surprised to find myself invited to perform at the Bram Stoker Film Festival.

I was even more surprised to discover that I will be playing the Vampire Ball on Saturday 29th October.

The Vampire Ball is described thus:

Consider the Vampire’s Ball an opportunity to dress in your finest evening, club or historic dress! In the past the observed guest attire has included every genre from the gothic scene including old-school Goth, Steampunk, Edwardian, Victorian, Cyberpunk, all the way to black tie and regal ballgowns. To clarify, the Vampire Ball is a formal event and should not be confused with a “costume party”; casual clothes, jeans, T-shirts are not permitted. Guests are encouraged, but not required, to arrive masked. A truly mesmerising night’s entertainment to start this Halloween Weekend in style.

So it looks like I’ll have to dig out the Spiderman costume I wore to my eighth birthday party.

Legend has it that the mist-enshrouded Whitby harbour inspired Bram Stoker to set his vampire novel in Transylvania. Quite how his initial vision of Dracula as a grumpy flat-capped Yorkshireman flying his whippets on a Sunday afternoon slowly galvanised into the enigmatic noble-man of legend remains unclear. There is more historical information here

Perhaps all will be revealed at the festival. There is loads happening including some very interesting horror film premieres. It’s all jolly exciting and I’m really pleased to be given the opportunity to perform and check it all out. See you there…